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We are passionate about helping everyone in our community to make the most of every single opportunity – and we do this through unlocking the momentum that is within everyone.

Once given the right opportunity, skills and encouragement, then individuals can have momentum to make their ideas a reality, to build relevant skills for the future, to collaborate in new ways and much more. This momentum, once unlocked by illuminate Future, creates long term change insides communities and organisations.

To do this, illuminate Future designs programs and workshops to unleash momentum this capacity through creative and engaging experiences that not only equips participants with core skills but also empowers every single person involved. Bringing together insights from a range of different fields and industries, but then all shaped in a relevant manner best suited to the local cohort.

While we can deliver to a range of audiences and in a variety of methods, we are proud of our experience in the following areas;

  • Entrepreneurship and idea development programs for the whole community, especially young people, people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people with disabilities.

  • Emerging leader programs to build skills and confidence to lead a culture of creativity, innovation and growth across all areas of the organisation.

  • Creative design processes to bring together a range of voices to collaborate together to lead change, drive new opportunities and create actionable strategies.

Founded by Adam Mostogl (2017 Australia’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Finalist for 2015 Young Australian of the Year), illuminate Future provides an opportunity for schools, community organisations, businesses and government to bring these skills together to unlock opportunities for growth and change that impacts and engages everyone along the way.

Active Programs

illuminate Future is currently taking registrations for the upcoming programs we’re delivering around Australia.

LAUNCH & We Can are both being delivered as part of the Tasmanian Disability Innovator Hub, and are open to both employees across the Tasmanian disability sector as well as people with disabilities across Tasmania.

Interested? Just click on the link to find out more!

The Unique Mix of Skills and Capacities within illuminate Future

So What Does illuminate Future Actually Do?

Creative Design & Innovation Sessions

Unlock the leadership aspirations, creativity and capacity of people across the community and/or organisation with support from the illuminate Future team. This can include leadership programs for emerging leaders, collaborative processes for communities and organisations to solve challenges and much more – all designed to focus on the local challenges and create the greatest impact.

Entrepreneurial Education Programs

Help activate more business ideas across the community, especially amongst young people, through structured engaging workshops that are partnered with individual mentoring that helps to develop existing ideas, create new businesses around passions and help more people see starting their own business as an opportunity. We’ve helped young people, adults from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, older Australians and even people with disabilities all explore how they can start their own business for the future.

Short Skill Sessions

With a range of skills, experience and knowledge within our organisation, illuminate Future is excited to run short intensive sessions to build staff teams within organisations as well as community leaders in an engaging manner. These sessions create a way to share and support new skills and insights within teams and communities, with actionable outcomes that can be taken and developed further into the future.

Bespoke Solutions

Everything that illuminate Future designs and delivers is customised for the local cohort and the needs of the communities and organisations we work with – so if you have an idea or even just a question, get in touch!

About Adam Mostogl

Founder of illuminate Education Australia and Founding Director of illuminate Future
2017 Australia’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs // 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year

In any given week, Adam Mostogl might be helping young entrepreneurs to kick-start their companies, stimulating small businesses to challenge the status quo, challenging communities to understand their potential or teaching hundreds of students to embrace innovation to solve the problems of the future.

Adam is passionate about embracing creative and innovative solutions to common problems, with experience across a wide variety of industry areas. Since 2010, over 12,500 young Australians have undertaken entrepreneurial education programs lead by Adam as the Founder / Inspirer of illuminate Education, which focuses on inspiring students to be the confident, creative and capable people they have the potential to be. Adam is also the Founding Director of illuminate Future; a Director of The Van Diemen Project (helping hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs to do great things); Chair of the Program Advisory Board for GOAL! (a sports/STEAM education program being championed by North Melbourne Football Club’s The Huddle); Founding Curator of the Launceston Global Shapers Hub (connecting youth focused on driving global change); Advisory Board Member for the Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment, (helping underpin education outcomes across his home state of Tasmania); and importantly, a husband to Jessi and father to two young boys.

Adam’s involvement in entrepreneurship and economic development also saw him chosen to participate in a US Government funded study tour with 22 other social entrepreneurs to learn more about innovation ecosystems and social impact ventures in the United States, as well as selected to participate in the world’s largest innovation process for the Sustainable Development Goals, UNLEASH held in Singapore (2018) and Shenzhen (2019).


Focused on Sustainable Change

illuminate Future is entirely focused on cultural change and longer term shifts that can be sustained for the longer term, rather than quick fix interventions. And when looking at some of the community challenges that we tackle on a regular basis, the challenges align with ones that communities across the world are facing – and are addressed in the global agenda from the United Nations titled the Sustainable Development Goals.

illuminate Future recognises that we are not just developing quick fix solutions, but focuses on long term shifts and cultural change that will be sustained for the future – and needs to be presented in a sustainable manner too. It is from this perspective that we identified four key SDGs that our work is focused around which are outlined below, with the key targets outlined to provide clarity in our areas of strength and experience, along with the confidence of being able to leverage international knowledge and networks for contextualised local solutions.

04. Quality Education
08. Decent Work and Economic Growth
09. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

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It’s always exciting when we bring our experience and insights into communities and organisations – and often it all starts from a simple question or connection. So please get in touch and say hello, and let’s see what potential we can unlock together;

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